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Platinum Palladium Platinum Palladium

Platinum Palladium

A few select images are available in one-of-a-kind handmade historical process platinum palladium prints.

The platinum-palladium process is a unique photographic, high-quality printing process. A very extensive range of tonal values and a velvety, shimmering surface characterizes platinum-palladium prints. No other process brings such fine shades of gray and deep blacks to paper with unrivaled detail in shadows and highlights.

Silver Gelatin Print

All prints from “Keepers of the West” are archival silver gelatin prints, printed by a master printer.

Each silver gelatin print is made by hand and can’t be reproduced in the same way, which makes every photo unique and original.

Prints are generally available in two sizes, 20" x 24" and 30" x 40". Larger prints may be available on request.

All limited-edition prints are signed al verso, numbered, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Please inquire about prices and framing.

Silver Gelatin Prints