Keepers Of The West

The family ranches of the American west defined the American ethic of self-reliance and

In the last 20 years, relentless development and agribusiness have decimated the
economic model of small-scale ranching, and we are now witnessing what is probably
the last generation of family-run ranches in America.

I am deeply connected to this fading life and sought to express not only the exquisite
beauty, but also the hardship of this way of life before it disappears. These people live
their lives in nature, on horses, subject to the elements 365 day a year. While most
Americans spend our lives in cars sitting on freeways, they are looking at vast expanses of land and sky. In a world that is becoming more virtual and digital, they are a reminder of a more visceral and simple life.



Landry Major is an award winning fine art photographer based in Los Angeles, California. While her personal work is her priority, she continues to accept a limited number of commissions.  She believes there are heroes in all of us. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, The Hollywood Reporter and other select publications.



2019 Critical Mass Finalist

2019 The Black and White Spider Awards Nominations for Fine Art, Children of the World, Wildlife              
and Sport
2018  Tokyo Foto Awards Honorable Mention for Nature and Wildlife
2018 SIPA Finalist
2018 The International Color Awards Two People Nominations
2018 The International Color Awards Portrait Nomination
2018 The International Color Awards Wildlife Nomination
2018 Gala Awards Women Seen By Women Finalist
2017 PDN Faces
2009 Lurzer’s Archive Best Photographers Worldwide
2009 Communications Arts Photo Annual Award of Excellence



2020 SE Center for Photography, Black and White and More
2019 The Center for Photographic Art International Juried Exhibition
2019 SE Center for Photography Women by Women
2018 Praxis Gallery The Found Object
2018 PhotoPlace Gallery Elevating The Mundane
2018 Foto Fest, Houston, USA
2018 Saatchi Art The Other Art Fair



GALLERY 135 Portland Oregon